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Stand up quad seal packing machine for granule

 Automatic Shrink Packing Machine

Four lane stick sachet packing machine for granule and powder

Semi-automatic Strapping Machine

Semi automatic shrink packing machine

Digital Multihead weigher

 Foursides sealing sachet packing machine for granule  

Digital multihead weigher

Thermoforming Machine

Carton sealer

Automatic Case Erecting Machine

Single lane stick sachet packing machine for liquid

Full Automatic Double Twist Packing Machine

Double chamber vacuum packing machine

  Automatic Sleeve Sealing & Shrinking Packing Machine

Full Automatic Hard Candy Double

Semi-automatic Carton Sealer

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About Shadmehr The current growing economic improvement and changes in the industrial competitive world which is thriving for art, innovation, courage , effort and maximum speed , prompted us to start importing and exporting packaging machines and equipments .Read more About me

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